LESSON #7 – Transitioning Your Baby From Breast Milk To Food

 In this video, Dr. Berg talks about how to transition from breast milk to actual food. It is ideal to breastfeed for at least one year or longer. What the mother consumes two years before they become pregnant is really important.

Key Foods for the Mother:
• Plant-Based Trace Minerals
• Nutritional Yeast
• Fat-Soluble Vitamins
• Cod Liver Oil
• High-Quality Meats
• Eggs

Few reminders before introducing foods to babies:
• The digestive system of babies is not developed yet, so you have to go slowly and watch for any reactions.
• Babies don’t yet have the normal flora in the gut.
• Infant produces a good amount of lactase, an enzyme to breakdown lactose or milk sugar.
• Avoid cereal and grains because it is going to block minerals and it is refined carbohydrates.

4 months: Egg Yolk, Cod Liver Oil
6 months: Pureed Meat (grass-fed), Avocado
6 to 8 months: Carrots, Beets, Sweet Potato, Butter, Kefir
8 months: Vegetable Soup, Stew, Cottage Cheese
1-year-old: Nuts, Seeds, Vegetable, Whole Egg