LESSON #6 – The Benefits Of Breastfeeding

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In this video, we’re going to talk about breastfeeding and some of the incredible benefits of breast milk. In fact, the future health of your child could rely on the mother’s nutrition and the quality of her breast milk.

If a mother is getting enough nutrients, the baby should gain 500-1,000 grams each month.

These are some of the many amazing benefits of breast milk:

1. Increased life span of infants – Breastfeeding reduces the risk of SIDS.

2. Increased immune function – Colostrum is an incredible immune-creating substance. The strength of your child’s immune system relies on it.

3. Decreased risk of GI infection

4. Decreased risk of allergies

5. Decreased risk of death due to diarrhea – Non-breast fed infants are 14x more likely to die of diarrhea.

6. Decreased risk of respiratory infection – Non-breast fed infants are 3x more likely to die of a respiratory infection.

7. Decreased risk of overall deadly infection – Non-breast fed infants are 2x more likely to die of infections overall.

If you are capable of breastfeeding, I hope these benefits inspire you to choose it over formula. Your child will gain so many benefits.

What a mother consumes before, during, and after pregnancy is vitally important.