LESSON #2 – Should A Woman Who Is Pregnant Or Breastfeeding Do Intermittent Fasting ?

In this video, I want to answer a few questions I received about intermittent fasting and pregnancy. Is fasting safe for pregnant women? Can keto be safe in pregnancy? What should pregnant women eat?

I do not recommend intermittent fasting for pregnant and breastfeeding women because if there are preexisting subclinical nutrient deficiencies, these deficiencies will be magnified.

It is true that when you do intermittent fasting, your nutrient requirements go down. But, fasting while pregnant or breastfeeding and fasting is still not recommended because the mother needs to make sure she’s getting all of the nutrients she needs. She is eating for two now.

Having cravings during pregnancy is actually a sign of a nutritional deficiency.

Is keto safe in pregnancy? Yes, I do recommend healthy keto for a healthy pregnancy for two reasons:

• It will help protect the mother against insulin resistance and diabetes (and will ultimately protect the child against diabetes)
• What a woman eats during pregnancy determines the future health of her child

Best Foods for Pregnant Women:

• Cod Liver Oil – DHA, D3, A
• Fish – DHA, D3, A
• Sea Food – DHA, Trace minerals
• Sea Kelp – Iodine
• Eggs – Protein, Vitamins, Minerals
• Greens – Vitamin C Minerals
• Meats – Protein
• Nutritional Yeast – B Vitamins