COVID-19 – The Real Problem

In this course, world renown health coach Dr. Berg explores the COVID-19 pandemic.  Dr. Berg will break down the the real problem regarding COVID-19.  

 t can be very difficult to make sense of this very complex problem unless you start putting pieces of the data into different categories, such as healthy people and unhealthy people. When talking about unhealthy people, I mean those people who have pre-existing health problems, such as metabolic syndrome. A few examples of metabolic syndrome are: • High blood pressure • Cardiovascular disease • High cholesterol • Diabetes • Obesity • Insulin resistance


&Ndash; Coivid-19 - The Real Problem
&Ndash; Coivid-19 - The Real Problem

Dr. Eric Berg


 Chiropractor has been providing health consultation in the area of weight loss for 29 years.