Q9 – Why Has Keto Gotten A Bad Rap – 4min

. . Why has ketogenic diet gotten a bad rap? Watch, and I’ll explain in this short video.

0:10 Possible symptoms of keto
0:35 Dirty keto vs. Healthy Keto
2:36 Why the news is wrong about keto

In this video, I want to talk to you about why keto has gotten a bad rap. You may have heard about things in the news or other media outlets about keto being dangerous and having side effects like:

• Constipation
• High uric acid
• Low calcium
• Low magnesium
• Kidney stones
• Gall stones
• High cholesterol
• Vomiting
• Diarrhea
• Fatigue
• Hypoglycemia
• Slow growth
• Abnormal heart rhythm

Is the ketogenic diet dangerous?

The truth is, these symptoms can happen when you’re doing keto… But here’s the reason why:

The traditional/classical version of the keto diet wasn’t designed to be sustainable—it was designed to treat children with epilepsy.

However, this is a much different ketogenic diet from the healthy version of the ketogenic diet. The diet that causes these side effects is a dirty version of the ketogenic diet.

Healthy Keto doesn’t allow foods like:
• Mayonaise
• Unhealthy salad dressings
• GMO soy oil
• Refined vegetable oil
• Soy
• Non-organic, low-quality casein
• Certain carbs — bread and rice
• Diet soda
• Orange juice
• Corn syrup
• Maltodextrin

If you consume these foods, you are going to deplete nutrients—vitamins, minerals, trace minerals, etc.—and you’re going to create a lot of fo gallbladder issues and bloating with unhealthy fats.

Most of all, Healthy Keto highlights vegetables. Dirty keto includes very few quality vegetables in the diet. This causes nutrient deficiencies and lots of side effects.

So when you see studies on the news about the “ketogenic diet,” you’re only seeing the unhealthy version of keto, which I don’t recommend at all.