Q7 – Are Nuts A Protein Or A Fat – 4min

Are nuts a protein? Are nuts a fat? What type of nuts should you have on keto? Here’s what you need to know.

0:00 Are nuts protein or fat?
0:12 Comparing different kinds of nuts
2:45 What kind of nuts should you consume?

Should you look at a nut as a protein or fat? Nuts are actually a combination, but let me explain.

When comparing different kinds of nuts, you can see that certain nuts are way more of a fat than a protein, but there is some protein. Many people also don’t realize that nuts have carbs as well, it’s low, but there are some carbs, and they can add up.

All of these nuts that we are going to look at today can fit into the keto diet. However, if you’re trying to lose weight, you might not want to go crazy eating pistachios because they’re higher in carbs. But, if you want to gain weight while still being on a keto diet, pistachios might be a good type of nut to focus on. If you want to lose weight, macadamia nuts may be a better choice. Pecans are low in oxalates, while almonds are higher in oxalates. So, if you’re prone to kidney stones, you may want to avoid almonds.

Pecan (low carb)
Fat — 71g
Carb (14) – fiber (10) = net carb (4g)
Protein — 9g

Walnut (has ALA)
Fat — 52g
Carb (11) – fiber (5) = net carb (6g)
Protein — 12g

Almond (high in protein and carbs)
Fat — 73g
Carb (29) – fiber (15) = net carb (14)
Protein — 29g

Macadamia (high in fat)
Fat — 102g
Carb (19) – fiber (12) = net carb (7g)
Protein — 11g

Fat — 52g
Carb (34) – fiber (14) = net carb (20g)
Protein — 25g