Q2 – Skin Tightening – How To Get Rid Of Loose Flabby Skin – 7min

. . Do you have flabby skin? Here’s why and how to get rid of loose skin.

0:00 Flabby skin
0:15 Causes of loose skin
0:30 Insulin resistance
2:08 Symptoms of insulin resistance
4:38 How to fix insulin resistance and tighten loose skin

In this video, we’re going to talk about flabby skin and how to tighten loose skin. Cortisol can contribute to problems with loose skin, but there is another common cause, and it has to do with insulin. It’s called insulin resistance.

Insulin resistance is basically a condition where you have a ton of insulin, but it’s not working because your body is resisting it at the cellular level. You need insulin, but it can be dangerous to have too much insulin.

Insulin is one of the main hormones that drives amino acids into the cells. It allows the absorption of protein, especially branched amino acids. Branched amino acids are good to repair and replenish lost muscle. But with insulin resistance, insulin isn’t working, and it’s not pulling the amino acids into the cell.

Symptoms of insulin resistance:
• You can’t lose weight
• You have belly fat
• You have brain fog
• You have fatigue
• You get irritable if you miss a meal
• You can’t go a long time without a meal
• You’re not satisfied after eating
• You get tired right after eating

How to fix inulin resistance and rid flabby skin:
1. Cut sugar and refined carbs out of your diet
2. Cut out alcohol
3. Never combine protein with sugar
4. Don’t snack between meals
5. Consume fat with the meal to help go longer between meals
6. Consume 2-3 meals per day (with lots of vegetables in the meals)
7. Avoid excessive amounts of protein
8. Avoid excessive amounts of caffeine