LESSON #9 – The Ketogenic Diet & Body Type Tips – 6min

Dr. Berg talks about ketogenic diet and body types. If you add the ketogenic diet, intermittent fasting and body types. There are 4 body types, ovary, liver, adrenal and thyroid.
ADRENAL: -Add more protein, add more sleep, keep your potassium higher, more vitamin C food and more cholesterol food (egg yolk).

OVARY: -Make sure you do organic to avoid herbacides, non-GMO food, avoid excess estrogen and soy. More cholesterol foods are also recommended because ovary hormones are make from cholesterol. Cruciferous foods and iodine from sea kelp is also recommended. Also try to keep your proteins at 6 ounces.

-Keep the protein a bit lower – 3 ounces.
-Avoid cruciferous vegetables unless you add sea kelp
-Add sea kelp to get more iodine
-Do intermittent fasting at 1 meal per day

-Use lower amounts of protein (3 ounces)
-Limit the amount the nuts you consume
-Add cruciferous vegetables
-Go gradual with fats
-Lots of vegetables are essential