LESSON #6 – Surprising Hidden Carbs That Slow Ketosis – 5min

In this video, we’re going to talk about the common hidden carbohydrates that slow ketosis. There are many foods that contain carbs that no one thinks about. Take a look at this list:

1. Beef liver – 3oz (85g): contains 3.2g carbs

2. Sausage/deli meats – 3oz (85g): contains 8g carbs

3. Oysters – 6 medium (85g): contains 10g carbs

4. Imitation crab – potato starch and tapioca: contains 7g carbs per serving

5. Stevia/monk fruit/Truvia/Splenda – Dextrose/maltodextrin: carbs vary

6. Teriyaki sauce: 3-9g carbs per serving

7. Low-carb/sugar-free foods – Maltitol/sorbitol: carbs vary

8. Medications – cough syrup and throat lozenges: carbs vary

9. IMOS – a fiber found in syrups and sweeteners: carbs vary

Avoid having too many of these foods, or you could stop the benefits of ketosis.