LESSON #20 – Top Foods High In Vitamin B1 – 4min

. . What are the best foods to increase your vitamin B1 level? Take a look.

0:00 Symptoms of low vitamin B1
0:46 The best source of vitamin B1
1:12 Other foods with vitamin B1
2:31 Things that cause low vitamin B1

In this video, we’re going to talk about the best vitamin B1 foods.

In many other videos, I’ve talked about the importance of vitamin B1. If you become deficient in B1, here are some of the symptoms you can experience:
• Anxiety
• Restlessness
• Panic attack
• Lack of stamina
• Excessive sweating

The best source of vitamin B1 is nutritional yeast. Nutritional yeast is the best natural source of B vitamins. Avoid taking synthetic vitamin B supplements.

The following are other sources of vitamin B1.

1. Pork 6oz – 1.1mg (96% of RDA)
2. Salmon 6oz – .6mg (48% of RDA)
3. Flax 1oz – .5mg (39% of RDA)
4. Sunflower feeds 1oz – .4mg (35% of RDA)
5. Green peas 1 cup – .4mg (35% of RDA)
6. Macadamia nuts 1oz – .3mg (30% of RDA)
7. Acorn squash 1 cup – .3mg (30% of RDA)

An adult needs between 1.0-1.2mg of vitamin B1 daily.

On top of getting more vitamin B1 in your diet, you also need to avoid things that deplete B1. This includes:
• Refined sugar
• Refined carbs
• Chronic stress
• Diuretics
• High blood sugar/glucose