LESSON #19 – 11 Benefits Of A Nap – 4min

Napping isn’t just for kids! Check out these amazing benefits of a nap.

0:00 Is getting a nap good for you?
0:10 Are you getting enough sleep?
0:25 Things that affect sleep
2:40 The benefits of getting a nap

Today we’re going to talk about the benefits of getting a nap. As we get older, many of us lose our ability to sleep. On average, a person sleeps 2 hours less when they’re older versus when they’re younger. Ideally, a person should get about 7.5-8 hours of sleep. Can you make your sleep up with naps? Yes.

Many additional things can affect a person’s quality of sleep besides age, such as stress and EMFs. Computers or even things like power cables and wifi have high levels of both electric field type energy and electromagnetic energy. EMFs could make you very tired, and they could even affect the heart and brain.

11 potential benefits of getting a nap:

1. You could have more energy
2. You could be more alert
3. You could have more focus
4. You could be able to learn better
5. Your mood could be better
6. Your memory could be better
7. You could have more creativity
8. You could have less of an appetite
9. You could have much better exercise performance and endurance
10. You could have fewer accidents
11. You could be more productive