LESSON #15 – How Much Is Too Much Coffee – 5min


You need to know about this huge negative effect of having too much coffee.

0:00 How much is too much coffee?
0:10 A moderate amount of coffee
0:53 Coffee side effects

Today we’re going to talk about coffee and how much coffee is too much. A moderate amount of coffee would be about 2-3 8oz. cups per day. A high amount of coffee would be 4 or more 8oz. cups per day.

The biggest negative effect that coffee has on your body is the depletion of potassium. Many different things can occur from a potassium deficiency, from heart arrhythmias to fatigue and much more.

What could happen if you have too much caffeine:
• It can increase the release of catecholamines (adrenaline)
• It can increase the sodium-potassium pump
• It can increase diuresis (you’re losing fluid)
• It can trigger respiratory alkalosis
• If you add sugar or artificial sweetener to your coffee, you can spike insulin and deplete potassium

If you drink a little bit too much coffee, make sure you add more potassium to your diet. But, the best thing to do may be to have a small amount of coffee each day.