LESSON #10 – Top 5 Weight Loss Mistakes – 6min

. . Are you making these weight loss mistakes? Most people are.

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3:01 Weight loss mistakes #4
5:12 Weight loss mistakes #5

In this important video, I’m going to share with you the top 5 weight loss mistakes everyone makes.

1. Thinking it’s not working when it is
Focus more on fat burning than your weight. Measure your waist rather than using a scale.

2. Using the calorie model
Certain calories affect weight differently. Look at the type of food you’re eating rather than the calories.

3. Eating too many nuts
Consuming too many nuts can interfere with the gallbladder, and this can cause bloating and other issues.

4. Everything in moderation
Most people never burn fat because they don’t starve themselves of enough sugar. You need to have zero sugar. What you can have a lot of are vegetables.

5. Focusing only on the weight, not the health
The weight is a symptom. What’s deeper are a lot of health problems. Focus on improving your health rather than focusing on the weight.