LESSON #5 – Acceptable Liquids With Intermittent Fasting

. . Wondering what to drink while fasting? Check this out.

0:11 Liquids while fasting—Tea
0:42 Liquids while fasting—Coffee
3:07 Liquids while fasting—Water
4:05 Liquids while fasting—Bone broth
4:30 Liquids while fasting—Diet soda
4:55 Liquids while fasting—Apple cider vinegar
5:15 Liquids while fasting—Alcohol
5:35 Liquids while fasting—Coconut water
6:21 Liquids while fasting—Almond milk
6:40 Liquids while fasting—Milk

Today we’re going to talk about liquids and intermittent fasting. I’m going to cover exactly what liquids are good and not good to have while fasting.

What to drink while fasting:

• Tea (in small amounts)
• Coffee (one in the morning)
• Water (electrolytes are great to add to water)
• Bone broth (you’re getting a lot of nutrition and electrolytes)
• Apple cider vinegar (can be very beneficial in many different ways)
• Almond milk (unsweetened)

What not to drink while fasting:

• Diet soda
• Alcohol
• Coconut water