LESSON #15 – Lemon Water Is Essential For Fasting

Find out why lemon water is essential for fasting. Check this out!

0:00 Lemon water
0:10 Benefits of lemons
1:17 Lemons and acidosis
2:03 Symptoms of acidosis
2:30 The right pH
2:58 A great remedy
3:02 What causes the body to be too acidic
5:45 What to do

In this video, I want to cover why lemon water is essential if you’re doing fasting and the ketogenic diet.

Typically, when a person thinks of lemons, they think of citric acid. Lemons may help decrease the risk of kidney stones because they help bind with oxalates. There is also some vitamin C in lemons. But, the vitamin C is destroyed if the lemon juice product has been pasteurized.

What’s interesting about lemon juice, is that within one hour after you consume it, it turns alkaline. Lemons may be beneficial for people that have acidosis.

Symptoms of acidosis:
• Shortness of breath
• Labored breathing
• Headaches
• Tiredness
• Confusion
• Tremors
• Arrhythmias
• Increased heart rate

You don’t actually want to be too alkaline or too acid. A great remedy for being too acidic would actually be lemon juice.

What can cause the body to be too acidic:
• Keto/fasting
• Kidney problems
• Too much iron
• Alcohol
• Lactic acidosis
• Ketoacidosis
• Liver problems
• Excessive exercise

If you’re doing fasting or keto, mix some lemon (about 1 oz.) in water and drink that to help minimize acidosis and some of the symptoms of acidosis.