LESSON #13 – Easy Tips To Stick To Keto & Intermittent Fasting

There are numerous ways to make it easy to stick to your keto and intermittent fasting program.

0:00 How to make it easy to stick to keto and intermittent fasting
0:45 Here’s a new concept: get healthy to lose weight instead of losing weight to get healthy
1:13 What throws you off?4:10 If you understand how to do this correctly, you’ll set yourself up for success
5:30 You can avoid side effects by studying how to do keto correctly
6:53 After working with people for 29 years, I know how effective this program is

Someone asked me, how can you make it easier to stick to a keto and intermittent fasting program? I responded to ask what the barriers were they were running into. My question back is this: what throws you off? When you isolate the barriers, you’ll find at least one solution for each one.

One of the biggest challenges is that people don’t believe it’s going to work, because they’ve tried so many programs before that failed. So I want to give you a new concept: it’s not lose weight to get healthy; it’s get healthy to lose weight. Shift your goal to getting healthy, and forget about the weight. You’ll find the weight loss will come when you get healthy.

What throws you off? If it’s bread, there are many recipes for bread alternatives. If you’re worried about feeling hungry, your hunger will go away on keto and intermittent fasting when your insulin drops and you burn your own fat.

Scheduling your eating window is easy with intermittent fasting. As well, there are many alternatives to high-carb foods, so you don’t feel like you’re depriving yourself. If you feel bored eating the same things over and over, check out the many recipe books that are available.

You’ll save money when you cut down on the frequency of eating. You may save up to several hundred dollars a month on groceries! If you don’t like salad or vegetables, this is the one thing you’ll have to bite the bullet on. You’ll need to eat more vegetables. You may even feel so much better that you start to enjoy salads.

If you’re worried about side effects like keto flu, keto fatigue, keto rash, I want you to study up on how to do keto correctly, and understand what’s happening in your body. If you don’t, for example, you may lose a lot of water weight and flush out electrolytes like potassium and sodium. You then feel dehydrated, drink water, and become even more deficient. Then you get leg cramps, restless legs, and even heart palpitations. All because you didn’t understand what was going on.

You’re giving up only refined carbs and sugars, so keto isn’t too restrictive. And if you think it’s confusing, stick to one trusted source of information so you don’t get conflicting perspectives.

If you’re not sure it’s going to work, I understand how you feel. You’ll never know unless you try, and you have to change what you’re doing. But I have to say, in 29 years of working with people, this program works amazingly well. It’s one of the most effective programs I’ve ever put out there, and I’m seeing the results when people stick to this keto and intermittent fasting plan.