LESSON #11 – Fatigued On Keto & When Fasting ?

If you’re fatigued on keto and when fasting, here’s what you can do.

0:13 What’s happening in the body
0:55 Why you might be exhausted on keto and while intermittent fasting
2:40 Missing nutrients

Today we’re going to talk about why you might be tired on keto and while doing intermittent fasting. This program is supposed to give you energy, so why are you fatigued?

Well, you’re working on getting into a state of ketosis. So, you’re trying to burn fat instead of sugar. There is a lot of energy in fat cells. The fat will turn into ketones, and ketones, theoretically, have more energy than glucose.

It normally takes about 3 days to convert from sugar fuel to fat fuel. Once you’re doing keto and intermittent fasting for a few weeks, then you’re really getting into some fat burning, and your energy should increase.

What causes tiredness on keto?

1. Hidden sugars
2. EMF
3. Keto fatigue (missing nutrients)

Nutrients you may be missing:

• B5 (Consume nutritional yeast)
• Potassium and sodium (Consume more vegetables and sea salt or electrolyte powder)
• Magnesium (Consume more vegetables or electrolyte powder)
• B1 (Consume nutritional yeast)