LESSON #9 – Sleep, Fasting, Keto: Q&A

In this video I discuss the importance of sleep for fat loss and healthy, keto plateaus, 3 ways to get better sleep, and MUCH more.

// T I M E S T A M P S
01:58 How sleep affects your keto and fasting results
02:32 98% of fat burning takes place here
03:12 How to track your sleep
05:10 Why eating too close to bed is sabotaging your results
06:46 The best exercises to do for double the results in half the time
09:10 Do I recommend high healthy carbohydrate days?
11:00 The worst food combinations for breaking a fast, and the best combinations
12:38 How do I break through a keto plateau?
14:00 Why do I feel so tired after eating?
14:40 What are the best foods for burning belly fat?
16:04 Is melatonin healthy for us?
17:23 How to do keto on a budget?
18:15 What are your thoughts on keto cycling?
19:20 3 practical tips for better sleep tonight