LESSON #8 – 5 Keto Nuts You Can Eat All The Time

In this video you’ll discover the best and healthiest nuts to keep you in ketosis and continue with your weight loss journey. This list of keto nuts will surprise you! I bet you never heard of my favorite keto nut!

// T I M E S T A M P S
01:34 Keto Konsiderations when buying nuts
02:08 The number 1 ingredient to AVOID when purchasing nuts
02:30 The problem with roasted nuts
03:02 The number 5 keto approved nut: Pecans
03:30 How pecans can help control your weight
03:52 The number 4 keto approved nut: Walnuts
04:06 Study showed walnuts slowed down tumor growth in animals
04:30 How people who take over the counter pain meds are destroying their gut health, and why walnuts help this problem
05:30 The number 3 keto approved nut: Brazil Nuts
05:45 The importance of selenium found in Brazil Nuts, and how it relates to thyroid function and testosterone production
06:31 How Brazil Nuts help remove acne, and overall skin health
07:33 The number 2 keto approved nut: Macadamia Nuts
08:20 Why a handful of macadamia nuts are a great way to keep hunger away
08:36 The number 1 keto approved nut: Pili Nuts
08:54 Where pili nuts are grown, and why this helps this nut have HIGH amounts of nutrients
09:15 How pili nuts are protected from pesticides, and sustainable grown by local farmers
10:01 The worst nuts to eat on the keto diet
10:30 The issue with most peanuts and peanut butters
11:00 Why almonds can make keto symptoms WORSE