LESSON #6 – 5 Reasons Why You Can’t Get Into Ketosis

 It can be frustrating when you are making keto mistakes that you are unaware of. You are trying so hard to enter ketosis but its just not happening. I see 5 common mistakes people make when they go on the ketogenic diet; number 5 will come as a surprise to you! Watch the video to uncover these 5 reasons, and the 5 solutions to them.

// T I M E S T A M P S
00:57 The number 1 reason: High Toxicity Levels (www.toxicmiami.com to learn more)
01:12 The most common toxins found in our environment
02:38 How toxins create cellular inflammation which prevents insulin from pushing glucose into the cell
04:18 The number 2 reason: Eating Too Many Carbohydrates
04:38 My daily carbohydrate recommendation for forcing your cells to choose fat for fuel
04:53 My favorite macro tracking apps
05:05 The number 3 reason: Stress!!
05:17 The relationship between cortisol, glucose, insulin and ketones
05:51 The importance of practicing love and gratitude
06:21 Why depleting your electrolytes could be preventing you from entering ketosis
06:39 The number 4 reason: Too Much Protein
07:14 The difference between the keto diet and the Atkins diet
07:31 The number 5 reason: Practicing Intermittent Fasting Too Soon
07:53 Why the body will break down too much protein when fasting
08:10 The most accurate test for knowing whether or not you are ready to practice intermittent fasting