LESSON #5 – 5 Keto Sources Of Potassium You Should Eat Daily

Have you ever wondered why one person does amazing on the keto diet, when another person experiences many problems? A powerful electrolyte plays a role here. This video breaks down the function of potassium, the health benefits of potassium, and the top foods high in potassium.

#5 Brussels Sprouts (504mg per 1.5 cups cooked)
#4 Wild Salmon (839mg per 8oz fillet)
#3 Spinach (839mg per per 1 cooked cup)
#2 Avocado (975mg per 1 whole Florida avocado)
#1 Beet Tops (1,300mg per 1 cooked cup)

// T I M E S T A M P S

00:32 Why potassium is critical on the keto diet
00:47 When you transition to burning fat instead of sugar, the body dumps a lot of electrolytes; one of them being potassium
01:20 Common symptoms of potassium deficiencies
02:00 The daily requirement for potassium
02:53 The top 5 sources of potassium ranked.
03:55 Why you want to avoid farmed fish, and always go wild