LESSON #41 – Kicked Out Of Ketosis? Here Are 7 Surprising Reasons Why

 Are you making any of these 7 hidden mistakes? Find out why you keep getting knocked out of ketosis.

// T I M E S T A M P S

01:00 Sleep. Study showed one night of sleep resulted in the blood sugars of a diabetic.
It will increase ghrelin, and decrease leptin.
Deplete your will power reserves.
Increase cravings.
Poor decision making.

03:21 Stress. There’s 3 types of stress, mental/emotional physical and chemical.

Stress raises cortisol. Cortisol raises glucose and insulin. Ketones drop. Give it a try by testing glucose/ketones then get into an argument with someone.

07:10 Snacking. The average person eats 17-21 times per day. What?!
Dr Zach Bush shared on my keto kamp podcast that it took 14 hours for 800 calories to move into the small intestine.

09:10 Eating the wrong keto fats.

? Remove these toxic keto fats causing membrane inflammation:
❌ Corn Oil
❌ Canola Oil
❌ Soybean Oil
❌ Peanut Oil
❌ Sunflower Oil
❌ Cottonseed Oil
❌ Grape seed Oil

?Swap them for these healing fats which support the membrane:

⮕ Keto Coffee
⮕ Grass Fed Butter/Ghee
⮕ Grass Fed & Finished Beef
⮕ Organic Eggs
⮕ Coconuts & Coconut Oil
⮕ MCT oil
⮕ Avocados & Avocado Oil
⮕ Olives & Olive Oil
⮕ Green Leafy Vegetables

12:00 Wrong sweeteners.

?Here is a list of bad keto sweeteners:

❌ Xylitol
❌ Maltitol
❌ Sorbitol
❌ Mannitol
❌ Aspartame
❌ Sucralose
❌ Saccharine
❌ Asesullfame potassium asesulfame k
❌ Aspartame
❌ Sucralose

?Swap them for these better options:

⮕ Monk fruit
⮕ Pure Stevia
⮕ Erythritol

13:18 Whey protein.

Whey protein is very insulingenic! Whey protein can spike insulin more than white bread and pure glucose:

This study found that after ingestion of whey (grey bars), white bread (the carb group, white bars), and glucose alone (reference, black bar), whey protein caused the biggest spike in insulin (figure 1).

14:06 Excessive toxins being released.

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