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LESSON #38 – Biggest Keto Tips For Faster Weight Loss With Kate Jaramillo

 The ketogenic lifestyle expert, Kate Jamarillo, explains the common mistakes keto beginners make, and keto tips for fixing them.

In this video we discuss the following:

?Keto tips for beginners
?How to follow a ketogenic lifestyle as a mom
?Keto and pregnancy, how does this work?
?Keto mistakes that make you fat
?How much fat should you eat on keto
?Keto and breastfeeding
?How to break a keto diet stall for more weight loss
?And more thing ketosis

Learn About Kate Jaramillo:

Kate is passionate about helping women who’ve tried everything finally become the happiest, healthiest versions of themselves. She herself is a wife, mother of three girls, and business owner; she knows the struggle to stay healthy when you are trying to do it all.

Kate is truly a firm believer in the ketogenic lifestyle’s ability to nourish your body, clear your mind, and tickle your taste buds. And, while it might sound super intimidating, she assures you it’s absolutely perfect for busy, foodie moms like her!

She runs an incredibly successful Ketogenic Living 101 and Ketogenic Living 102 groups to help women find their own style of ketogenic living. She created the Ketogenic Living Coach Certification program to teach others how to give the gift of whole body health. She finds herself enthralled in educating and empowering her clients to achieve significant, sustainable results. This passion has turned into the heart of her business. She prides herself on making ketogenic living simple, quick, and delicious. Kate teaches busy women how to quickly turn their bodies into fat-burners instead of sugar-burners so they feel strong, lean, fit, and clear-minded.