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LESSON #33 – My Favorite Anti Inflammatory Keto Veggie (MUST ADD)

 Are you wondering what veggies to eat on your keto diet? Add this anti inflammatory vegetable to boost your ketogenic results.
There are many benefits to the compound sulforaphane in broccoli, learn about them in this video. Credit to Dr. Rhonda Patrick’s research. Subscribe to her channel here:…

Here is the broccoli sprouts supplement I take and recommend:

Broccoli is one of the healthiest keto foods!

Broccoli helps metabolize toxic estrogen
Studies show it has anti-cancer benefits
Studies show It activates the nrF2 longevity pathway
Consume broccoli each week, and supplement with broccoli sprouts to get 100x the benefits.


Study showed men that ate 3-5 servings of cruciferous vegetables per week had a 40% decrease in prostate cancer risk compared to men who ate less than 1 serving each week.

Another study found That men who ate 2 or more half cup servings of broccoli each week had a 44% lower incidence of bladder cancer compared to men who consumed less than 1 serving each week.

Multiple studies show women who consume cruciferous vegetables at least once per week had at least a 17% or as much as a 50% decrease in breast cancer risk for those consuming it every day.