LESSON #3 – 5 Ways To Know If You’re Keto Adapted

Have you ever wondered if you are officially keto adapted? How do you know if all the work you’ve been putting into the ketogenic diet is working. This video gives you the 5 fat adapted signs to look out for, and tricks to speed up keto adaptation. Enjoy!

// T I M E S T A M P S
00:28 Why its important to become fat adapted for longevity and fat loss
01:19 The first sign of fat adaptation: Mental Clarity
01:41 How ketones help the brain function at a high level
02:22 The second sign of fat adaptation: High Energy Levels All Day Long
02:40 How to beat the afternoon energy slump with ketones
02:53 The role between ketones, glucose and insulin
03:43 The third sign of fat adaptation: Sugar Cravings Disappear
04:27 How the keto diet teaches your body to tap into its fat stores for fuel
05:01 The fourth sign of fat adaptation: Effortless Fat Loss
05:29 The 8 fat burning hormones, and the 1 fat storage hormone
06:15 The fifth sign of fat adaptation: You Skip Meals & Free Great
07:12 The ultimate goal is metabolic flexibility
08:00 The most accurate way to know if you are fat (keto) adapted