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LESSON #26 – Dr. Mindy Pelz & Ben Azadi – Ketogenic Diet Tips & Tricks For Beginners

 “What’s a ketogenic diet” was one of the top searched terms on google in 2019! There’s many benefits to a low carb high fat diet; but not all ketogenic diets are created equal. This video provides you with the tools to succeed on keto!
// V I D E O N O T E S

Ben’s story: Obese for the first 24 years of his life, he’s experimented with veganism, ketogenic, and fasting.

About 6 years ago he discovered keto and fasting, and he says it’s here to stay.

The body can run on two type of fuel- sugar (glucose) or fat (ketones). Our bodies prefer to run on fat! We are fat burners as babies when we’re living on breastmilk.

For beginners shifting into ketosis, Ben recommends starting with carbs at 150 for a week. Then 100 for a week. Then 50 for a week. No snacking in between meals, and include fat and protein in each meal. And for at least one meal a day, eat until you’re full! Where does protein fit into all this? It’s different for each person.

If you’re under 18 or over 60, you need more protein. But if you’re between those ages, you likely don’t need as much protein as you think you do. 0.6-0.8 of body weight in grams or 20% of total calories should be protein.

Keto is different from Atkins because it is actually a moderate protein diet.

Where does fasting fit into ketosis? Getting into ketosis first helps you begin fasting MUCH easier. Otherwise, your body is going to fight you. It’s like trying to go straight from being a couch potato to running a 5 k the next day.

A tip for people who are having a hard time getting into ketosis… have love and gratitude!!! Stress can knock you out of ketosis.

Cortisol increases insulin, which is not what you want for ketosis. Every morning write down 10 things you’re grateful for and feel it as you write it.
Say to yourself throughout the day “I love myself”. The more you think about it, the more you’ll believe it.
Love yourself like your life depends on it!

Keto For Women Don’t fast the week before your period. Instead, add in some progesterone-building foods, some ancient grains, some fruit. Don’t be scared of eating these foods.

Your body needs them. If you’re scared of getting out of control, L-glutamine can help calm the part of your brain that lights up when you crave carby and sugary foods.

Determine your trigger food and avoid it. There are other healthy feast day foods to have. Remember not to compare yourself to others. It will lead you down a path of being frustrated.

If keto and fasting aren’t working for you, there may be something deeper that needs to be addressed. For those of you who it is working… When you eat, you’ve gotta EAT! It’s important to cycle keto, fasting, and feasting. Keto and fasting is a catabolic breakdown, mTOR and feasting is anabolic build up.