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LESSON #24 – New To The Ketogenic Diet? 5 Keto Diet Tips For Beginners

 “What’s a ketogenic diet” was one of the top searched terms on google in 2019! There’s many benefits to a low carb high fat diet; but not all ketogenic diets are created equal. This video provides you with 5 things all keto beginners must know.

// T I M E S T A M P S

01:37 1: Healthy bile is VERY important.

Bile, which is produced by the liver and stored in the gallbladder, is a green substance that acts as a detergent to break down fat. Bile also helps to remove toxins.

Add this to your keto diet:
Ginger and Ginger Tea
Dandelion and tea
Dark Chocolate

04:33 2: Don’t focus on weight loss, focus instead on health.

As Dr. Berg says, “we don’t lose weight to get healthy, we get healthy to lose weight.”

Non-scale victories are important.

07:20 3: Not all keto diets are the same.

Going to McDonalds, getting a burger without the bun, is NOT going to get you the results you want.

Healthy Oils:

Healthy Sweeteners:
Monk fruit
Pure stevia
Sugar alcohols

12:22 4: Replenishing your electrolytes are a MUST

You lose a ton of water weight when you transition from burning sugar to burning fat. The kidneys dump water along with it.

13:30 5: You might feel worse before you feel better (toxins) . When you start losing weight you may lose some hair.

Fat soluble toxins get stored and can be released into the bloodstream.

Weight loss is a stressful event. Weight loss is a shock to the system. Its anti survival. Hair grows in phases. Let the phase pass and the hair will come back. If the hair loss has occurred within the first few weeks, hold the course as it typically takes 3-5 months for the hair to come back thicker and stronger.