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LESSON #22 – How High Should My Ketones Be For Ketosis? How To Read Ketone Strips

When it comes to measuring ketones in the body, there’s 3 ways to do so; blood, urine and breathalyzer. Only one of these is the best way to accurately test ketones. This videos breaks it all down for you to better understand the optimal glucose and ketone range to be in, and the best way to achieve this ketosis. Enjoy.

// T I M E S T A M P S

00:45 Overview of the video
01:23 Which is the most accurate way to test ketones? Urine, breath, blood comparison.
02:40 The most accurate way to test ketones
03:20 The optimal ketone range to be in
03:29 Why the goal should NOT be to have the highest ketones in the blood
04:23 The optimal fasted blood glucose range
05:25 Advanced glucose testing (optimal post prandial range)
07:05 Struggling to get into ketosis? Bonus Tip: Two tips to get into ketosis faster
07:50 Benefits of MCT oil
08:30 YouTube comment of the day