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LESSON #21 – Keto Plateau? 5 Reasons Why You Stopped Losing Weight On The Ketogenic Diet

There’s 3 things guaranteed in life, death, taxes and a weight loss plateau! This video will explain why you may be in ketosis but you stopped losing weight, and what to do about it so you can continue getting results.

// T I M E S T A M P S

01:05 The real cause of weight loss resistance (hint, its not about calories)
01:58 The role hormones and cell metabolism play
02:40 The importance of non-scale victories (pay attention to these!)

03:45 Number 1: It’s time to change up your keto routine! You’ve been sticking with the same routine and foods, its time to switch things up. Talk about a great personal trainer. When you force this adaptation good cells get stronger and bad cells don’t adapt.

05:06 How intermittent fasting can help your results with keto
05:50 Number 2: You are breaking your fast the WRONG way.

My favorite meals for breaking a fast…

Bone broth kettle and fire use ketokamp at checkout for 15% off
A fatty keto smoothie (I have a keto smoothie recipe book in my keto kamp academy)
Eggs, avocado and green leafy veggies.


Lean meat and sweet potato.

07:20 The best way to break your fast (use this combination of macros)
09:28 Number 3: You are exercising TOO much. Add in long walks.

The body does not get stronger during a workout, it gets stronger during recovery in between workouts. Less is more. Consistency is great, but it shouldn’t be an all out effort where you exhaust yourself each time, especially if you already have a lot on your plate. Switch it up by replacing some workouts with long walks. I know this may sound nuts to some but I’ve seen it make a difference for keto results especially fat loss.

11:20 Number 4: Your sleep and stress levels are out of whack. Most of your fat burning hormones are activated during stage 4 sleep.

11:55 The role cortisol plays with weight loss resistance
13:20 Tips for getting better sleep starting tonight
14:55 Number 5: Its time to flex out of ketosis.
17:10 How staying in ketosis can slow the thyroid down resulting in weight gain
18:10 How to practice keto flexing, the 5-1-1 rule (diet variation)

This is where you want to practice diet variation. There’s no culture in the history of this world that stuck with the same diet longterm. Follow a 5-1-1 schedule, I have 3 other ways to practice diet variation in the keto kamp academy