LESSON #20 – How Do I Know If I’m In Ketosis? 5 Signs You’re In Ketosis

 This video breaks down several ways to know if you are in ketosis even with using strips. You will discover the most accurate way to test ketones, and the optimal glucose and ketone ranges to be in.

// T I M E S T A M P S

00:54 The first sign; your brain fog is gone, you have mental clarity
01:06 Why the brain LOVES fat
02:03 The second sign; you’re losing weight
02:35 Why you might feel worse before you feel better when losing weight on a ketogenic diet
03:23 Tips for removing toxins released from fat cells
04:25 A bonus sign to look for, your cholesterol and triglycerides may go up as your break down fat
05:15 The third sign; you can skip a meal and feel great
05:37 Burning sugar vs burning far analogy
07:14 The fourth sign; your sugar/carb cravings are gone
08:09 The fifth sign; you tested your blood glucose and its .5 or higher
08:54 Optimal glucose and ketone ranges
11:09 YouTube comment of the day