LESSON #18 – How Keto Works In The Body – How To Reduce Inflammation Fast With The Keto Diet

There’s many benefits to a ketogenic diet. Not all keto diets are created equal. There’s a BIG difference between clean keto foods and dirty keto foods. Watch this entire video to understand how to get healthier with ketones at a cellular level.

// T I M E S T A M P S

00:56 What a healthy cell looks like
01:30 How epigenetic works
03:30 How cells create energy and “smoke”
04:38 What an unhealthy cell looks like
05:40 This is the cause of symptoms
06:48 This is where allopathic conventional medicine gets it wrong
07:08 Why burning sugar as your primary fuel source is a dirty (toxic) fuel
07:54 How healthy keto is a cleaner fuel source for your cells
08:22 How to get rid of symptoms
08:39 Clean keto vs dirty keto
08:58 Avoid these dirty keto foods
09:39 Eat these clean keto foods
10:31 YouTube comment of the day