LESSON #16 – Ketogenic Diet Hair Loss Explained | Key Nutrients For Reversing Low Carb Hair Loss

 affects their quality of life. Its so common to experience hair loss from the keto diet. Do ketogenic diets cause hair loss? There’s two main reasons why this happens, and you’ll discover them both in this video.

// T I M E S T A M P S

01:03 Weight loss is a stressful event. Weight loss is a shock to the system. Its anti survival. Hair grows in phases. Let the phase pass and the hair will come back. If the hair loss has occurred within the first few weeks, hold the course as it typically takes 3-5 months for the hair to come back thicker and stronger. There are certain nutrients you can give yourself to speed this up, and I’ll go over them a little later in this video.

Just remember this, when stress hits your body, the body will take care of its vital organs but hair is not a priority.

02:49 You’re doing too much keto & fasting

03:10 How staying in ketosis too long and/or too much fasting can wreck your thyroid and cause hair loss (and other symptoms)

04:45 Insulin is needed to make the conversion of thyroid t4 (inactive) to thyroid t3 (active)

05:45 The importance of high healthy carbohydrate flex (feast) days

05:57 Why ladies should NOT practice keto and fasting the week leading up to their period

06:50 Proven ingredients to help with hair growth.

B-Complex vitamins (biotin is included in here) this helps to grow protein, and strengthen hair to make them thicken. Make sure you take a b-complex and not sure the biotin alone because this can create a functional deficiency.

Trace Minerals. These are involved with enzymes that grow protein.

Collagen is also great because their hair is made up of, well, collagen.

Low stomach acid (not able to digest protein) could be why its not ending up in hair for growth.

Saw palmetto. Slows down the production of 5 alpha reductase which means less DHT floating around. DHT blocks minerals and nutrients from getting to the hair follicle.
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Magnesium is one of the nutrients that hair follicles need the most. Magnesium stops calcium build up in the hair follicles which can clog these follicles and cause hair loss. When you are eating a keto diet, you lose a lot of electrolytes including magnesium. Why does this happen if keto is supposed to be healthy? We burn off our sugar reserves.

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Take 300-400mg each day. I like magnesium malate, and magnesium threonate.