LESSON #15 – How To Do The Keto Diet Without A Gallbladder?

So, you’ve had your gallbladder removed and you’re wonder what is the best diet for you? Can you follow the ketogenic diet without a gallbladder? Is it even safe? Discover 5 easy steps.

// T I M E S T A M P S

00:45 Overview of the video
01:20 How the liver/gallbladder connection works to produce bile which helps to break down fat.
02:20 How bile helps to remove toxins released when you burn fat cells on the ketogenic diet.
03:03 The first tip: eat smaller meals, space your fats out for the first 28 days to allow the liver to adjust.
04:19 Chew frequently to allow digestive enzymes and stomach acid to be produced.
04:30 The second tip: consume more fiber with your meals to slow the breakdown of fat.

04:48 My favorite keto sources of fiber

✅ Avocados
✅ Pecans
✅ Steamed Collard Greens
✅ Cauliflower
✅ Broccoli
✅ Raw Coconut

05:25 The third tip: eat more bitter rich foods to stimulate healthy bile flow. Bitter is better!

Add these bitter rich foods to your keto diet

✅ Ginger Root/Tea
✅ Dandelion Greens/Tea
✅ Artichokes (Bile Builder/Fiber)
✅ Organic Shade Grown Coffee (http://www.ketokampcofffee.com, use ketokamp for 10% off)
✅ Lemons/Limes
✅ Radishes
✅ Radicchio
✅ Cranberries
✅ Basil, Thyme, Rosemary (Smell these to stimulate stomach enzymes)
✅ Cilantro & Parsley
✅ Apple Cider Vinegar (Thins Bile)

07:48 The third tip: consume MCT’s because they bypass digestion, not requiring bile to break them down.

My top 5 sources of MCT’s (in order)

1. MCT Oil
2. Coconut Oil
3. Palm Kernel Oil
4. Raw Grass-fed Cheese
5. Grass-fed Butter

09:00 The fifth tip: supplement with these to help break down fat.