LESSON #11 – 5 Keto Veggies You Can Eat All The Time

You’ll discover the best and healthiest vegetables to keep you in ketosis and continue with your weight loss journey. This list of keto veggies will surprise you! Make sure you watch to the end as I provide you with the worst vegetable to have on the ketogenic diet.

// T I M E S T A M P S
00:44 Keto Konsiderations: video overview
01:15 Why its important to buy organic whenever possible
01:45 Why its better to eat the whole vegetable instead of juicing them
02:08 My number 1 favorite keto vegetable: Beet Tops/Stems
02:30 The highest vegetable in potassium, and why its important to get sufficient amounts of potassium on the keto diet
02:50 Why people get the keto flu, and what to do about it
03:20 This one vegetable helps detox your liver/gallbladder, and why its important to produce healthy bile production when eating high fats
03:59 This one vegetable has more iron than spinach
04:15 This one vegetable is high in magnesium which will support better sleep and mood
04:28 Bonus tip for eating beet tops (smoothie recipe!)
04:58 My number 1 keto approved fruit
05:12 My number 2 favorite keto vegetable: Kale
06:04 Kale is a low oxalate green leafy vegetable, and does NOT contribute to kidney stones
06:28 Kale has more calcium per calorie than milk, and more iron per calorie than meat (important for women having their monthly cycle)
06:30 Why pasteurized milk is NOT a healthy keto
07:17 How kale helps you detox with its high amounts of sulfur
07:31 My number 3 favorite keto vegetable: Asparagus
07:37 Asparagus is a great source of prebiotic fiber which feeds good bacteria
08:17 How asparagus helps you detox with a compound called asparaganine (this is why you get asparagus pee)
08:45 How asparagus helps regulate blood sugar, keeping you in ketosis
09:05 How asparagus helps metabolize alcohol
09:37 Asparagus helps you deal with stress with its high amounts of b vitamins
09:45 Asparagus protects against kidney stones
10:12 My number 4 favorite keto vegetable: Cabbage
10:29 My favorite way for eating cabbage; sauerkraut
10:49 How cabbage helps with leaky gut, acid reflux, ulcers, and diverticulitis
11:12 Keto cole slaw recipe
11:40 My number 5 favorite keto vegetable: Broccoli
12:12 The problems with toxic estrogen, and the 3 estrogen pathways to pay attention to
12:50 The issues with estrogen dominance, and how broccoli helps metabolize estrogen
13:34 Studies showing anti-cancer benefits of broccoli
14:00 The role genes play with our health (epigenetics)
14:25 Powerful health enzyme found in broccoli that turns on the nrF2 longevity pathway
14:29 Why I love broccoli sprouts
15:25 The worst vegetable to have on the keto diet: Corn
15:44 85% of all corn grown in the United States is GMO
16:30 Hidden sources of corn
17:48 Bonus tip: 20 minute walk after your meals to help reduce blood sugar, keep you in ketosis
18:28 Bonus tip: Have most of your carbohydrates later in the day