LESSON #10 – 12 Keto Snacks For Busy People

In this video you’ll discover the best low carb snacks for traveling, kids, on the go, even for the home. You can find many of these keto snacks at walmart, target and other retail stores. My favorite is the keto beef jerky. Enjoy!

// T I M E S T A M P S
00:44 Keto Konsiderations: Eat these snacks during your transition from burning sugar to burning fat, and take these on the road when traveling.
01:05 The real reason people experience the keto flu; carbohydrate withdrawal
02:07 The first 4 keto convenience foods
02:29 Avocado with sea salt
02:55 Raw macadamia nuts
3:17 Paleovalley beef sticks
04:05 My favorite keto approved protein bars; Bulletproof, Perfect Keto, EPIC
04:45 Canned sockeye salmon (with olive oil and sea salt)
04:58 Raw coconut butter
05:03 Deviled eggs, soft boiled eggs, or hard boiled eggs (the runnier the yolk, the better)
05:44 Homemade fat bombs
05:53 Roasted nori seaweed crackers
06:07 Grass fed raw cheese, and the issues with pasteurized dairy
06:29 Guacamole
06:42 High fat pudding
08:10 YouTube comment of the day