30 Day Keto Bootcamp

You can reach ketosis fast by following our 30 Day Bootcamp.  Take the recommended courses each day and learn the tips and tricks from our expert friends at Keto Kamp.  

With the tips in this course; you will also discover the top fasting mistakes people make, and more.

This course is loaded with keto diet hacks, tips on intermittent fasting for long-term weight loss results, and so much more. If your goal is to follow keto & intermittent fasting long-term, this boot camp is definitely for you.

45 Lessons | 15 Min Per Day for 30 Days!

&Ndash; 30 Day Keto Boot Camp
&Ndash; 30 Day Keto Boot Camp
&Ndash; 30 Day Keto Boot Camp

Ben Azadi


Ben Azadi, Founder of Keto Kamp, is on a mission to educate 1 billion people on planet earth. This YouTube channel is designed to be the ultimate resource for intermittent fasting, the keto diet, performance and longevity.