30-day weight loss challenge

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What is the 30-Day weight loss  Challenge ?

Let’s be realistic, it is not easy and does require a lot of time and effort. Oftentimes people give up halfway through the effort because they either set unrealistic goals or simply lack the motivation.   But what if there was a 30-day weight loss challenge that would not only help you melt that stubborn excess fat, but also promote strength and improved health, and all in a set timeframe?

This 30 day weight loss challenge is exactly just that. It offers you hard and fast results, noting that you are the master of your own life and body, and whatever you reach for solely depends completely on you.


How Does It Work ?

You will get a complete plan that includes instructions for setting up your meal plan, access to the 30-Day fitness boot camp, and our mobile app to track your progress.  You can expect to lose 4-5 pounds a week!



30-Day WEIGHT LOSS Challenge

The 30-day weight loss challenge consists of two parts – a 30 day Boot Camp workout and the nutritional recommendations to use in tandem. You will be able to achieve your goal only if you incorporate both of these aspects into your routine. The 30 day Boot Camp workout is not very time-consuming as each session takes no more than 40 minutes a day. You will register for a boot camp session every day at a time that suits your busy schedule. You will also customize a Meal Plan from one of our templates.

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Program Requirements – Made Simple

&Ndash; 30-Day Weight Loss Challenge - Crush Your Weight Loss Goals

Boot Camp Workout

Complete the daily 30-45 minute boot camp.  You may substitute for other forms of cardio.  IE. Peleton, Running.

7- Days A Week

&Ndash; 30-Day Weight Loss Challenge - Crush Your Weight Loss Goals

Weight Training

Every 3rd or 4th boot camp includes core training, abs and muscle building.  Most of these workouts will utilize body weight routines, but some will require light dumb bells.

Approx. 2 of the 7 days

&Ndash; 30-Day Weight Loss Challenge - Crush Your Weight Loss Goals

Meal Planning

The most important part of the 30-Day  challenge is to follow our meal plan with the least amount of deviations.  IE. Eliminate Alcohol, sugar and carbs.

24/7 – Follow Strictly

&Ndash; 30-Day Weight Loss Challenge - Crush Your Weight Loss Goals

Drink Water

You need to drink lots of water.  We recommend 2 to 3 liters a day.  Drinking water reduces appetite and calorie intake and helps in maintaining hydration levels in the body.  It’s definitely a key factor in sky rocketing your weight loss.   Keep a  1 liter bottle with you at all times.

2 to 3 liters per day

&Ndash; 30-Day Weight Loss Challenge - Crush Your Weight Loss Goals

Track Progress

You will need to track your progess in as much detail as possible.  We suggest using the GO Meal Plans+ app to track your daily activities.  However, if you prefer to track it on paper. We will provide you with a downloadable PDF 30-Day tracker.  (Tip – Our app would automate everything)

Track all meals, water & exercise

&Ndash; 30-Day Weight Loss Challenge - Crush Your Weight Loss Goals


The fact that you joined Keto4X demonstrates your desire to make changes in your life.  Stay focused, stay strong, and stay motivated.   It’s not an easy journey by any means, and will require many behavioral changes to succeed!  But with the right tools and motivation, you can surely crush it!

Stay 100% Focused & Inspired

Let’s Get Started – The Essential Tools

30-Day Guide – PDF

Download the Guide and follow the instructions.  You will be responsible for customizing a meal plan that best suits your lifestyle. Unlike most companies that provide a one size fits all approach, we allow you to pick a meal plan that works best for you while following our 6 Rules.  When it comes to food, everyone has different likes, dislikes, food allergies, medical conditions, and so on.  Thus,  instead of providing one fixed plan, we created over 100 scientifically designed meal plans to fit everyone’s lifestyle and health.  As long as you adhere to the 6 rules, all plans will provide great results.

If you have no real restrictions and want the absolute best results, we recommend following the Keto Diet Meal Plan while combining 16:8 Intermittent Fasting.  We’ve seen the best results following this plan.

30-Day Fitness Boot Camp

Each day there will be a new boot camp.  You can register for a session each day.  We recommend working out in the morning on an empty stomach.  Following this regiment has proven to be the most effective.  Waiting to workout later in the day often gets sidetracked by other priorities or gets canceled due to lack of motivation as the day gets going.

GO Meal Plans+

Use the GO Meal Plans+ App to track your meals, your workouts, your calories, and your macros.  We recommend getting in the habit of tracking all data as accurately as possible.  This will help determine your strengths and weaknesses in the program.  You should also track your water consumption, as it’s very important to consume 2-3 liters a day.  You can take the short tutorials in the courses section to familiarize yourself with the application before you start.  Remember, the meal plans are just a base.  You can add whatever meals you like which are available in the app. For example, if you decided to cheat and have a burger, you can search for it when you log your meals and log it.  The app will provide the calorie and nutrient details.  Obviously, to be successful you’ll want to stick as closely to the meal plans as possible with the least amount of deviations.

30-Day Manual Tracker (Printable PDF)

If you’re more old school and would rather track everything on paper, that works too.  We provide a manual tracker that you can download.  (Printable PDF Format).

No Pain, No Gain

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